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,In the summer time, Mount Royal hosts a popular activity known as the 'Tam Tam Jam', whereby a number of Montrealers and visitors play hand drums ('tam-tams' in French) such as djembes on the east slope of the mountain, around the monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier. 

The Sunday gatherings attract people of various backgrounds, and often dozens of tam-tam players perform and improvize their art at the same time, encouraging others to dance. In addition, many children and adults participate in a continuous mock medieval battle with foam-padded weapons.

The Tam-tams began in the late '70s with a workshop on African drumming at a jazz bar on Ontario Street.[22] It is not organized by the municipal authorities. Despite initial resistance by participants, the city now intervenes in the event, restricting commercial activity to registered members in designated areas and assigning police and first aid technicians to ensure the safety of those present. Although initially controversial in light of the event's communal and countercultural vibe (and permissive attitude towards marijuana use) the police presence has not led to conflict.