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,It was in Oklahoma City, in 1933, that the first parking meter appeared in North America. 

At that time, in the early days of the automotive industry, large North American cities were already starting to feel the impact of traffic on their major commercial streets. Parking spaces were monopolized by drivers who left their cars parked in the same spot for hours.

It was at the request of merchants, wishing to stop drivers from leaving cars in front of their place of business from dawn to dusk, that the first parking meter was designed. It took two years of research and development to perfect the first machine. When parking meters were installed on commercial streets, there was an immediate improvement in both traffic flow and customer access.

In Montreal, the first parking meter was installed in Place d'Youville in 1958, and more were installed in the downtown core starting in 1981.

In 2007, Montreal collected over 50 millions in parking fees.